Our worthwhile idea?

Both my partner and I had synchronous, yet independent, wonderings while we sat chatting and relaxing over a warm drink yesterday (NYE Day), Would it be worthwhile to start a journal or a blog about the journey we are about to embark upon into parenthood? Without knowing the answer, but honoring that we both had thought about it, here I am beginning that very process.

I am probably thinking too much about what to write down… So, I will start with my intention. Beginning today, which happens to be January 1, 2017, I plan to write each day of the year ahead to track my (and at times, our) real-life, lived experience of birthing and raising a little human (a phrase I love, thanks to you, Kel!).

I am not actually sure how this documentation of my journey will evolve. What I can say is that I intend to record my real, lived experience as I go through it. Without trying to predict too much or create high structure, I imagine it will, at times, be both part record of events and part reflection. Beyond that, I, like anyone who chooses to read this, will have to wait and see.


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