Ow, my hip!

I can’t imagine I am alone in the world of pregnant-side-sleeping-hip-pain! Every morning sometime between 3-4am I wake up and my left hip is aching from sleeping on it while being tremendously pregnant. I am trying not to be a complainer or overly dramatic, as I have had very little discomfort with my joints outside of this….which is a HUGE relief from my pre-pregnancy history. But sleeping any other way has caused me some challenges breathing, so between hip pain and getting oxygen, I guess I will home remedy away and (try to) suck it up!


So far today I have applied a hot compress, gone out for a short walk, asked my partner to push against it with his feet and generally tossed and turned. After trolling a few national pregnancy-related sites, I have found no further remedies to try. I guess it is what it is and is just a fact of my pregnancy.

Up next… a warm bath. I am hoping to find out from a reliable source if epsom salts are safe in my bath and if they might help. That may have to wait until I see my doctor on Wednesday.