Building a nest…of food

Many people have heard of “nesting”…I had not until I became pregnant and a 30-week + pregnant woman at my exercise class said she has been frantically cleaning her home. The response from many other people was, “oh you’re nesting!”

Nesting? ….Ohhhh! (when my brain clued in), now I get it.

So I am now 39w4d preggers and I am thinking today I built my nest.

That is, if a food nest counts.

I woke up super early to eat breakfast with Matthew and take Mugsy out for his morning car race. When I came back in I was struck with the idea of making some healthy snacks and foods, so I began just that.

By 9am I had made Banana Bread Muffins, Pepita Chocolate Chip Oat Bars and half made some Homemade Granola. Then I took a 2 hour nap. Needed. Then I headed out to the bulk food store and grocery to get a few items to continue building my food nest. It’s 6:31 pm now and I have finished supper, completed that Homemade Granola, Chickpea Soup and Apple Chia Pudding. I have further ideas to make this tasty Chickpea Salad to made sandwiches to eat and some Quiches to freeze…. although I may have eaten about half of one of the key ingredients for my quiches!

I guess this is my form of nesting…makes sense since I sure do love food.


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