Due Date

40w0d….the due date…. however, it appears not our due date.

Baby seems to be cozy as is and not in a huge rush to make an appearance today. I am thinking s/he is pretty smart since there has been an extreme cold weather alert yesterday and today…I, too, would wait that out!

No, but seriously….the few experts, mom-to-be/parenting apps and magazines I follow have indicated that a due date coming and going with no sign of labour can provoke anxiety and stress in some soon-to-be-parents. As someone who studies and works to support mental health and well-being, I feel fortunate that I am not feeling that way. I am also cognisant of actively maintaining my current relaxed mindset.

That being said, about me personally, I do want to acknowledge that good-willed inquiries, jokes and the anxieties of other people, especially those likely found via online search, alluding to “what the heck is happening?”  are the real deal and can promote an anxious response in a soon-to-be-parent. If I am being truly reflective, I must say that even typing that, even though it is not my lived experience, made me feel more tense than I was feeling. I actually had to step back for a moment and remind myself what my mindset is about all of this.

If anyone who reads this feels anxious or is feeling the anxiety of (likely the excitement of) others all I can offer is a reminder to breathe. The desired outcome of labour and delivery is healthy everyone. For me, I want to focus on that if that is where things resolve, I will be 100% satisfied.

So for me, I was given this due date of Jan. 6…a nice date. I had a different one to begin with…Monday Jan. 9. Perhaps the change of that reinforced for me the arbitrariness of a due date, as really being a best guess.

Ha! A hypothesis. Right?!

I have done and taught enough procedures using the scientific method to know that a hypothesis is just a hypothesis. So I am trusting that my baby and body know what needs to happen and will await the arrival….after all that much is pretty well inevitable!

I am refraining from googling, forum reading, etc. as I am wary of the dramatics that provoke that creeping in of unhelpful anxieties. Instead I am happy to say today I don’t feel much different than any other day… terrible sweaty and then chilly sleeps, delicious cravings for bulk store bought peanut butter, a desire to eat oats, a knowledge that going for a walk would be good for my sore hip but that it is freezing out, and well happiness that it is Friday and so Matthew will be home for the weekend!

To anyone out there in the same boat, I hope you, too, will trust in yourself and your baby and know that everything will happen one way or another…it’s just a matter of time.