Guess the sex

Today we headed out for a walk and Matthew asked me to close my eyes for a couple of seconds and then say what sex I think the baby is…because after all, s/he has been living inside me for 39w6d, so if anyone has a feeling it should me me, right?


I have NO IDEA.

I have been sharing with Matthew that many people have asked me what my feeling is – boy or girl – and when I say I am not sure often I am asked to guess, or better yet I encourage them to guess. What I do think is interesting is all the different theories of what makes people feel certain that this baby is a boy or a girl. Oftentimes I have to laugh because o’ne guesser’s rationale for girl, was someone else’s for boy on a different day. Keeps things interesting.

One of my colleagues asked me if I’ve had a dream about it. I guess she plopped that idea into my subconscious because a few days later I did have a dream. In my dream there was a chalkboard and it said, “Welcome Baby” and then it listed the favourite name we have in mind for a girl and that for a boy. Grrrrrrrr. Even my dreams can’t tell us the answer.

But seriously, I really don’t have a clue. Matthew and I have both wavered, sometimes referring to the baby as she, other times he, and then for the most part as “baby” or the name we call him/her by, Frijole.

I guess we will just have to wait and see!



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