Indulge in a dog day

img_5655-2Today was a dog day for me. And I only just figured out what that actually means.

Since last night I have been feeling kind of fluish… crampy stomach, achy, hot/cold (but no fever) and, generally, uncomfortable. But nonetheless still hungry for relatively bland foods… and some cravings of trimesters past.

So I chose to indulge myself.

Pancakes and syrup, Vanilla Cake and Milk , A warm very full bubble bath, Reading, Netflix watching, Lots of water and several rests.

As I sat here reflecting on the slow and generally unproductive day I have had I couldn’t help but see a parallel between my day and that of my dog, Mugsy.

It seems his day (albeit everyday) goes something like Kibbles and scrambled eggs, A bit of milk or yogurt, Walks in a warm faux-shearling jacket, Biscuits, Pestering small backyard animals, Grooming, Lots of water and several naps on different pieces of furniture.

Mugsy’s impeccable modelling of relaxation was an “aha moment” for me…I now know what it is to deem something a dog day.

I highly recommend trying it.




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