A solid reminder

“What are you reading?,” said M.

“Pins about overdue pregnancies,” I replied.

M sits down on the sofa, too.

“The baby isn’t overdue. The due date is just a general estimate. A week before, a week after. We still have a week,” reminded M.

Ahhh the reminder I needed from my wonderful husband to refocus on the fact that the baby will come when the baby is ready.

I felt totally fine about being 40w2d until I said out loud, on our trip to Ikea this morning, that we would have a baby this coming Friday, if not sooner. When the thought of an induction crept into my mind, I slowly sucked some air into my lungs, blinked away the tears that were threatening and steeled myself to the idea. I acknowledged that I didn’t want to talk or really think about it, and so I moved on.

Or I tried to…. only to find myself looking up Pins about overdue pregnancy 5 hours later.

The reminder above put it all back into perspective. So a thank you for that. And I am posting it so that I can revisit my reminder as needed.

One moment at a time. One day at a time. Preferably a dog day at this point.



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