Community Gem

Sometimes I feel like I am in search of community. I know I love the idea of it, I believe in it and, yet, sometimes I feel disconnected from it. Moving into parenthood, I think a strong sense of community is key – for each of us. Tonight I saw a glimpse of just that.

On our evening walk we came across a community ice rink.

Not the kind run by the municipality or township, but a true built by the people for the people ice rink, occupying the space of our local baseball diamond.

This rink has a sign indicating it is operated entirely by community volunteers. There are 3 time slots a day for hockey and in between people can pleasure skate. It also asks that you avoid going on the ice during designated flooding times and that you respect the space. It has a wooden perimeter, nets and  even shovels to clear the snow.

I love hockey and I love community. This, to me, is both.

I think it is pretty awesome that a community, our community, has come together to make and maintain this space. I get excited by things like this because they remind me that community is lived and created and not just an ideal.

As time passes and we’ve lived longer in this community, things like this remind me to find some of those opportunities to root ourselves more deeply and shift from “a community” to”our community”.

AMAZING. A backyard rink, in a shared backyard. Our own backyard.