Que Sera Sera

40w4d and it is baby and I against the induction clock.

In our favour…we are making progress.

Last night was quite a night. After our walk that netted us finding that gem of a community hockey rink, I relaxed and eventually readied myself for bed.

Bed, yes, sleep…..no.

At about 10pm, I was still up reading when my back started throbbing non-stop. My lower abdomen felt incredibly achy and crampy, too – like the worst menstrual cramps. Then every so often in waves I felt this pressure down my tailbone. I wasn’t sure if this was a contraction. There was no real sense of my tummy getting super hard, which seems to be the most talked about description of a contraction….I can’t lie my tummy is pretty packed to capacity at this point, so I am not sure how much harder it can get. In any case, I tried to ignore what I was feeling as much as possible, but it kept on coming. And good luck finding a comfortable position in bed. As if that wasn’t already a challenge.

In our prenatal course, it had been mentioned that there are apps for timing contractions. I had one downloaded, so I figured at about 11-something I should maybe start timing. So I did. Once timed I could see a pretty clear pattern in my contractions – they were lasting 45 seconds to 1 minute (roughly) and occurring every 4-7 minutes. Eventually after timing and app-recording several of these contractions, the app told me to get my bag and head out to the hospital. I was not convinced. I hadn’t even woken Matthew up. 

This continued and it got more intense, but not consistently. I came to the conclusion I would wake Matthew if I started sweating or panting or couldn’t cope. (Why those? …no idea) I was uncomfortable but I figured I could talk and think, so I must be good still.

Sometime before 2:00am I had about had it with trying to stay in bed – I had propped myself up but every time I tried to rest by lying down some, the intensity of everything increased – I figured I might as well just get up.

I remembered that in early labour it is a good idea to eat and drink while you can. I ventured downstairs, where the dog was very happy to see me. Only it seems he thinks my appearance means it is time to wake up for the day. It took some coaxing (and by that I mean bribery) to convince him otherwise.

I made toast and drank water. Heated up the magic bag and turned on Netflix. I think around 3:50am I dozed off – sitting up on the sofa, pillows behind my head, feet in a rocking chair. Sometime later, I woke up because I was sweating and Mugsy was stamping his feet and looking alarmed. I assured him I was okay, but he didn’t buy it. He went upstairs and tried to wake Matthew by stealing his socks and jumping around on the hardwood floors. I abandoned the idea of waking Matthew because, although the throbbing and aching and contractions were still happening, I felt much better sitting upright on the sofa. I blame the sweat on the blanket and magic bag. I convinced Mugsy to leave him to sleep.

By the time Matthew woke at 5 am, things were settling down some. When we met in the kitchen to make breakfast, I brought him up to speed. We decided things were okay and I would check in with the doctor about all this at my mid-day appointment.

By 6am the contractions had stopped and the achiness was somewhat duller. I still couldn’t lie down without a resurgence, but at least I could rest sitting upright.

By 9am I could lie down on my left and so I went to sleep until I had to leave for my doctor.

A lot of snow fell while I slept! I decided to make the 15 minute snowy walk to the doctor – an attempt to keep things going and also fulfill my walk-a-day rule.

I filled my doctor in on my night. She confirmed that my experience was/is early labour. Progress!

Then we went through all the information about induction. I am scheduled for this Friday… if need be (insert semi-grumpy looking face here).

Then we did the very invasive stretch and sweep, which was a success (as opposed to the last two attempts). Progress!

I am leaving off with today feeling positive. We have made progress. Whether I end up in labour on my own or via induction, I feel better knowing at least my body, and therefore baby, is moving towards being ready.

Beyond that, que sera sera.