3 missed calls from the hospital. 1 voicemail. Almost 7:30pm.

Calling voicemail….phone dies, as we are leaving our favourite Thai restaurant.

Hurry to the car to plug phone in (Thank goodness Matthew bought that new charger for me!).

Slight panic. I had my ultrasound this morning, is something wrong?

Message states, “We are calling about your induction tomorrow morning at 8am and need you to call us back to confirm.”

TOMORROW?? They must be mistaken, overtired and mixed this up.

Nope….they know exactly what they are saying.

“Be here for 7:45…. yes, TOMORROW!”

“But my doctor said Friday….maybe even Saturday!,

Do I have to come tomorrow?”


(insert face that shows expression resembling “this just got really real, really fast” and an incredible sense of being simultaneously overwhelmed and excited)

“Tomorrow it is!”

(**Thank you Matthew and Kel for my new mantra,”We got this”…just keep repeating it!)




After this sunk in a bit, we ventured off to get Frozen Yogurt at this place we like to go. When we got there Matthew pushed the door open and the alarm sounded! We noticed at about the same time that the place was dark!  It seems it was closed but that someone forgot to lock the front door! We realize we are on camera standing there staring at each other and then Matthew turned the sign that read “open” to “closed”. We did wait around a few minutes but we had to leave…. after all we only have so much time until the baby arrives! So should anyone wonder who those two people were on camera at that Frozen Yogurt store, it was us….we are sorry we couldn’t stay to wait, but hopefully the CLOSED SIGN and blaring alarm deterred anyone else from entering!

Our adventures continue.