Human Elements

The Human Elements

Outside of Grayson getting the all clear, I believe the most relevant part of this journey so far is to make mention of the glue that held things together – the people.

Beginning first with those with whom I have a history:

First and foremost, my partner, Matthew. Without him I would have derailed long before things got really scary.

And also our closest family and friends. Thank you for the love, support and space we needed to process and persevere.

Then there are those individuals we encountered through their professional expertise and our circumstances: the incredible staff at Brampton Civic Hospital and those they referred us to.

We want to acknowledge their collective support, which was essential to us throughout Grayson’s life so far! Their person centred approaches have made all the difference in the world.

It is pretty incredible that I can say this most terrifying experience was at the same time so rewarding. The memories and meaningfulness of the time we spent at BCH is invaluable.

Without exception, from admission through discharge and now being at home – the professional support and personal approaches of our Health Care providers has been amazing. Thank you to all of you.

Key to our Care – 

Additionally, there are a few people who have especially stood out and so I offer a few words to each of you.

Dr. Hall –  (who delivered our baby) thank you. Your read on me and my needs from the moment we met made me feel comfortable and safe. I am someone who has struggled with balancing my desire to have physical and emotional privacy while doing what I know I need to. You understood that without me saying so and for that I could not be more grateful. It was such a privilege to have you deliver our baby and a blessing that he was born before you had your shift change. Thank you, too, for your calmness and reassurance when Grayson showed distress and for your follow up care. Your kindness, honesty and support is a real gift to our family.

Lauren – (the RN who provided tremendous care) thank you for being there with me from epidural to almost the birth of our baby boy. I appreciated your kindness and commitment to the best care throughout our labour and (almost) delivery.

Jackie –  (the Lactation Consultant) you made our time at BCH more comfortable with your sincerity and support. I looked forward to your visits and appreciated how responsive you were to our baby and I. Also, a HUGE thank you for even arranging for Matthew to attend the breastfeeding class with me and the other new moms in postpartum.

NICU staff –  what a team. Thank you all for the commitment you have made to providing care to beautiful babies and to families. Each one of you brought a level of care that we believe went way beyond job expectations to support us.