What We Learned in NICU

We were admitted to the NICU

It is pretty incredible that I can say that most terrifying experience was at the same time so rewarding. The memories and meaningfulness of the time we spent at BCH is invaluable.

We learned so much.

Probably the biggest thing that our experience reinforced is that it was so critical to have no plan and honor that. As we say, que sera sera.

The other thing our time in NICU made quite evident is that when people say everyone has different ways to parent, they are right! We saw differences in every RN, and all were awesome in their own ways. That has brought some confidence to us now that we are home.

The last thing that stands out is that we have some perspective on what is an emergency. We got to observe the responsiveness of highly trained staff, and I know that for myself that was priceless.

Now that we are home I still feel calm, as opposed to anxious. Certainly emotional at times, but those emotions are focused on the positives and if they go awry, Matthew is here helping me stay true to my intentions. This adventure has already shone its light on the key role of mindset. 

I remember that Matthew and I laughed when, during the pregnancy, we found out my blood type is B+…. really it is fitting.