Followed Through

Grayson is 2 weeks old and has made it through his follow up appointments.

He is perfectly healthy and will not require any further specialized follow up. We are very happy about this 🙂

Today’s final follow up visit was from a Registered Nurse from the Region of Peel. It provided another perspective about Grayson’s health and mine, as new baby and mom. So far, so good.

Each follow up we have had has been thorough, but different. Aside from the evaluation of Grayson’s health, these appointments have provided us with access to professional opinions and knowledge of the resources Grayson and I can access when we are ready. There sure are a lot of resources!

There do not appear to be clear cut guidelines about when Grayson can venture out into the world. Generally, the idea is keep him away from germs (e.g., sneezing, coughing, fevers, unwashed hands), crowds and extreme temperature. We are thinking we a walk around the block might be doable on a day that isn’t too cold, with his proper clothing on. We intend to wait on the crowds, outings, visits to other spaces than our home until we feel comfortable and  Grayson is a bit older.

The great news is there is a lot to look forward to in our neighbourhood, which is exciting. For now though, we look forward to any nap time we can sneak in and making sure Gryson gets some tummy time each day….trickier than one might think, since he sure loves to sleep and eat!