Diapers and diaper accessories – a review, so far.

Diaper Disposal – We have figured out that there is no wayyyyyy our diaper genie disposal bags hold the number of diapers claimed. Either that or we have no idea how to use this thing properly. We blew through that first set of bags in no time. However, this did result in Matthew making the find that at Walmart carries the arm and hammer brand of refill bags, which are cheaper and smell better than the original diaper genie brand. Overall, I have no complaints about the disposal unit itself – certainly it seems to contain any bad smells.

Wipes – We bought 2 giant cases of Huggies Natural Care wipes on sale at Walmart (we were prepared to price match elsewhere, if need be). I have to say these wipes win my vote so far. Our little guy seems far less irritated by them and I find they are thicker and do a better job cleaning than the ones we used before. I can’t even remember what kind of box wipes we had before (thank you lack of sleep), but they didn’t impress me. At the hospital we used some spray and these plush paper towel like cloths – that worked pretty well, too. One of the nurses said she swears by warm water and a cloth, which I can see being effective in some poopy situations. However, if you are willing to pay for the convenience – wipes are much easier.

Diapers – we skipped right over the NewBorn (NB) size diapers and went straight into Size 1. So far we have tried 3 brands – Huggies, PC and Pampers. Why all 3? We were gifted a variety by lovely people whose babies had outgrown the size ones. My rating so far – all are pretty good.

PC are cheaper and are very effective. The one drawback when compared to Pampers or Huggies is that there is no colour indicator for a wet diaper. Overall, I liked these, but I definitely appreciated the colour indicator diapers during the first days at home because they offered us certainty about the number of pees our baby was doing (a question asked at every follow up appointment we have had. Also, in NICU they actually weigh the diaper to see how much urine is expelled in relation to feeding amount and IV fluids).

Huggies work well to contain messes and have a colour indicator for urine. They are often on sale at a major grocery and so if you price match, you can probably get them on sale regularly. They are also available at Costco so that makes buying them convenient, if you shop there often.

Pampers work well and have a colour indicator, as well. The one drawback we have found is that the mesh-like lining sticks slightly to our baby. It doesn’t seem to upset him much, but it is definitely happening regularly.

Change Mat – we vote buying more than one of these to throw down on top of your change pad. The change mat is now better known as the “oopsies mat” in our house. It’s a good thing these are machine washable because once the diaper is off there are sometimes messy accidents.

(none of these statements are endorsements, just our observations so far)