Eat Well

Now that Matthew has headed back to work, I am thinking a lot about how to make the day run more smoothly while Grayson and I are at home.

I feel I have mastered using one hand to do most of the routine things during the day – wash bottles, pumping accessories, dirty dishes and fill, heat and serve a bottle. Who knew!?! So far I have also done a decent job sneaking in short naps here and there while (or better when) Grayson sleeps. And I drink a lot of water. Important things.

So what could make things go more smoothly?

Being prepared to eat well.

Easier said than done.

To make this easier in order to actually get done, I need to think ahead. To date we have been eating well – living off delicious slow cooked meals (while Matthew was home), the frozen meals my mother-in-law generously provided us with, and the groceries my mom went out to get and Matthew has since topped up. All good things. But like all good things, the frozen meals will run out and we will be solely grocery-dependent. I predict that will be by end of week! And so I am trying to prepare the grocery list.

I think we need easy food items that are healthy and ready to eat or at least INCREDIBLY FAST and easy to prepare. It is not easy to chop or cook with one hand. The time between Grayson’s feedings is short. Shorter because I need to pump milk for him to eat. And I also need to catch a nap or at least rest. I don’t really have time for multistep meals at this point.

In my mind eating well includes all the food groups. Protein, dairy, fruit and veggies and grains. Combined is even better. Quicker and more efficient. We may be able to make a few more ahead meals on the weekend while we are both home. But otherwise I am trying to gather a list of grab and go items that are healthy.

Food that will make sure I am full and Grayson is getting everything he needs from his milk!

My list so far includes the following: yogurt, cheese sticks, instant oats, high protein cereal…And if a trip to Costco happens: guacamole, chocolate milk and ???

As you can perhaps see, I could use some suggestions.