My baby steps

Yesterday Matthew, Mugsy and I took Grayson out for his first stroll around the block. That followed many discussions between Matthew and I and seeking the opinions of multiple health care professionals and my brother & sister-in-law (who have a little one, too).

Baby steps has been the recommended consensus – for me. So that I can build up my own confidence and comfort with my new role.

Today I am proud to say I took a few more baby steps.

Grayson and I strolled to the drug store and even stopped to get me a hot drink on the way.

Then when we got home I gave our baby boy a bath. My first time doing that on my own. It was a success.

I feel good about how these steps went today. One thing I do know is that it takes time to do these little steps…and there is only so much time between feedings, so small things will likely remain the norm for a while. And that is okay.



3 thoughts on “My baby steps

  1. I LOVE your post! I remember when I was left alone with my first little one…I was so scared. You’re doing GREAT!! Mommy ALWAYS knows best, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! I hope you can checkout my blog and we can support each other ❤

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  2. Sounds terrfic. Each small step helps reach the next one. Everything takes time. Walking was my oasis! Although my experiences are in the past, don’t hesitate to call or ask, they feel like just yesterday.
    Enjoy each little step, the journey is worth every one!

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