Cow’s Milk Protein Allergy (CMPA)



All this expressed milk and anymore I pump today goes down the drain. As does the just-opened $26 tin of formula.


It made me want to cry (again) that here we are again with a complex feeding challenge. Not so much out of sadness but out of frustration and generally feeling pretty crappy about the whole thing. But, probably like any new parent, I will do what I have to make sure my baby is happy and healthy. So say goodbye to all that hard work. And onward and upward. Thank goodness I am truly a determined optimist ūüėČ It looks like I will make it to one month of breastfeeding….as that is Monday!

So what is my personal coping strategy for this latest feeding obstacle? (also a latest emotionally draining experience)

I am having a glass of red wine. Ahhhhhhh. A big one. ¬†Pretty sure I have earned it. And it is of no consequence or risk to my amazing baby because all my milk is garbage until 10 am tomorrow morning. So red wine, a chicken breast and plain Lay’s potato chips for supper!? I don’t see why not!

Yes, I am serious.

We are fairly certain that Grayson has Cow’s Milk Protein Allergy (CMPA).¬†No, no¬†not lactose intolerance. Totally unrelated, actually. This is not a remove or augment the dairy food group issue. This removes a whole lot of foods from my diet and replaces our formula with a specialized hypoallergenic version. The list is extensive of food items that include milk protein and/or soy. The soy removal is an additional precaution until we revisit the specialist from NICU next week. Apparently, soy is second to cow’s milk as the likely culprit of the symptoms we have seen in our little guy.

So I am eliminating dairy and many other foods from my diet while I breastfeed my baby (see this link if interested:¬† Lay’s Plain chips are the only indulgence left….and indulge I will! (they happen to be my favourite anyway. ha!) In addition, I bought the new formula at the drugstore. Crazy how inflated the costs are for this formula compared the previous one. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised – there is no alternative so I will pay what I have to.

For the record, though, the markup on this specialized formula compared with the one we were using is $6. On top of that, this container has a cool 561 mL to the 765 mL of the former. So, the regular formula was 3 cents a gram, while the one we now must buy is 6 cents a gram. TWICE AS MUCH. Oh, and they are made by the same company.

So our journey continues. I hope that this dramatic change to our eating will resolve the feeding difficulties once and for all. Our poor little guy could do without any further challenges. And to be honest, so could I.

I am taking the evening to review the document linked above in order to figure out what I might eat in the days ahead. I must confess that milk protein seems to have been a staple in my diet. It probably is in most people’s. For me, the one upside is that it was primarily through the dairy food group.

Wish us luck as we venture forward. And to the evening and weekend ahead, cheers.


Photo retrieved from (Feb. 10, 2017)