Feeding Obstacles Continue

Who knew feeding could pose so many challenges!?!

I am trying not to feel down about this again, but really I think both Grayson and I could do without any further feeding drama. But here we are.

There have been tiny bits of red blood showing up in our baby’s dirty diapers on and off since Tuesday evening. We saw the doctor for a scheduled visit Wednesday and she indicated this could be a sign of cow’s milk intolerance. Just so any reader is aware, I did promptly take Grayson’s temperature after noticing the blood. His temperature was normal and so I monitored the situation as we had the upcoming appointment the following mid-day. At the time of the appointment there had been two diapers with obvious blood. So we decided to see if it would continue and have a follow up phone call scheduled for tomorrow. It has continued. To be clear – when I say there was blood, I mean a few flecks. But I also realize that any blood is not a good sign.

I suppose the doctor may be right. But the weird thing is that he doesn’t seem to have the same issues when he eats the formula, which is also a cow milk base. The other thing is this seems to get worse as the day progresses, which corresponds with the times he eats expressed milk, rather than formula. The upset peaks from about 6pm through 11pm. This time consists of periods of inconsolable super crying,  accompanied by a very red distraught face, the drawing of his legs up to his chest, gas, and a gurgling tummy. He also seems to have a bit of a rash on his face. But it is hard to say when he is so upset and also has a bit of baby acne. I know his digestive system is new. I know babies cry. But I think this is more than that.

I can accept and will certainly adapt if this is a cow milk intolerance. I just don’t get why it is inconsistent.

I just hope that eating will get easier for this little guy. I am so amazed at his overall health and perseverance as such a new human with all these obstacles.

Resiliency. A positive character attribute.