Happy Valentine’s Day

It is Valentine’s Day and we are ready to celebrate…accommodations made to support the progress of Grayson’s tummy.

We did manage to get the new dad in our lives a little gift. The original plan was a take-out meal from a little Italian restaurant we had wanted to try. I thought he would enjoy it and for some reason, I had creme brulee on my mind (although I have only eaten it once in my life!). But that plan got shelved in order to meet the requirements of the Cow’s Milk Protein elimination diet.

I had scoured the internet for other ideas, but with awesome outings and dining off the table, for the time being, there weren’t many likable options left.

So….we got a little something cute and cuddly at the drugstore (our short walk destination).

I am pretty confident this cute little gift will be special and loved because sometimes it is great to get something out of the ordinary and different than other years!

With dad taken care of, Grayson and I ventured out on a walk today and got Grayson’s little gift. His cuddly gift is a multisensory dog that can hang from his stroller, bassinet, or his rocking chair. As he grows he will likely enjoy grabbing and shaking it. I think it is pretty cute and made the day feel special!

My gift from Grayson is that he is much happier today and his diapers have improved significantly. Although we will see what happens with the reintroduction of expressed milk tomorrow, for today we will celebrate.

Incredible how parenthood changes how we celebrate. Our little family is a great way to celebrate this day dedicated love.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone.