Foodie by Demand

This afternoon the Neonatologist confirmed the Cow’s Milk Protein and (potential) soy allergy affecting my 5-week old son. Since we had already implemented the necessary changes to his formula and my diet, and by default his diet – and we had done an accidental reintroduction test (that was when it seems the CMP was not yet out of my system prior to reintroducing expressed breast milk), we mainly discussed managing this allergy.

The trickiest part of this is the sheer number of products that contain either CMP or soy. To check out what elimination of these ingredients entails, see Knowing what I am eating is now priority number 1.

The Neonatologist and I discussed that the most common reason my son’s allergic reaction would either not completely subside or may recur would be due to my consumption of an ingredient he cannot tolerate. If you looked at the list of foods to eliminate, you can likely understand how this might happen.

To say diligence is required here is an understatement. I am now a food label reading junky.

And THANK GOODNESS for the internet.

If  I wasn’t before, I am now a committed foodie.

The good news – I love to cook and I LOVE food. And, I have already found a few ready made snacks that meet the strict criteria of this elimination diet and the demands of a busy infant-determined schedule. Fig bars and kettle corn have a new special place in my heart!

As for real meals – tonight I made stir fry for supper. It’s easiest to ensure diligence with fresh foods. And I would say our dinner was fantastic. It was fairly simple – rice and wild rice mixture topped with broccoli, snap peas, green beans, peppers, bok choy, carrots, ginger, and chicken. Cooked in a sesame/olive oil blend with ginger and chili flakes. Now to be fair, that is not really anything out of the ordinary here. BUT….I am proud to say that I looked up and made my own stir fry sauce. A soy sauce substitute. As I could not find any sauce that did not contain soy and so I took to the internet. Here is what I ended up with:

Stir Fry Sauce (soy and dairy free) 

  • -1/4 cup of stock (it asked for beef, but that can’t work here so I used PC Organic Chicken)
  • 1/4 balsamic vinegar
  • 1/8 molasses (I used blackstrap)
  • a pinch each of ground ginger, white pepper, and garlic powder
  • a tsp fresh ginger, minced
  • 1 1/4 water

Boiled over medium-high heat until 3/4-1 cup remained. Add to your stir fry to suit your taste. Adapted from

This was pretty tasty. Not so much when I stuck my finger in it and tasted it, but when it was combined with the actual meal. I am looking forward to having it again tomorrow.

Food allergies can definitely be a downer. Time, expense, lost favourites, etc.

BUT here is the thing. Mindset.

I am choosing to find the positives in this. The biggest one is likely how healthy our household will be.


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  1. Way to go! Thrilled to think things are on the up. If there is one thing we are convinced of, it is your determination and ingenuity in difficult times.
    We are behind you 100%!
    A recipe/meal plan cookbook might be in the making too…I am sure there are some people who have no idea where and how to start to manage such an all encompassing household change!

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