A little sleep goes a long way

Last night I slept for almost 7 CONSECUTIVE hours! And let me tell you, that was exactly what I needed. And probably need a little bit more often.

I realized how run down I felt as I almost burst into tears when I was talking to Service Canada on the phone about an issue with my son’s birth certificate. I had had it. But the day was not over yet.

I was exhausted. Overrun emotionally, hungry and feeling pretty crappy. The day was not really any different than any other day, except for the compounded lack of sleep.

I know I am not alone in the craziness that is sleep (or lack there of) when you have an infant at home. And I also know that I am pretty lucky – my little guy (upset tummy and all) often sleeps in 2-3 hour blocks and up to 4 hours when he has his night time formula feedings. Most nights I am able to get in a few sleeps in a row. Usually around 10 pm then after a midnight feed and then after pumping sometime after the 4am feed. But even if I can sleep while he sleeps it is not the same as the good old days when I slept 7+ consecutive hours a night.

I know people talk about the sleep deprivation that accompanies being a new parent, but experiencing it is a whole other thing. Sleeping in little blocks is NOT AT ALL THE SAME AS CONSECUTIVE HOURS OF SLEEP. Even if those litle blocks add up to more hours than you might have previously slept in a night.

And so I have come to realize that the fact that my son ended up having to be exlusively bottlefed is a blessing – as it permitted 7 hours of sleep for me. A first in probably almost 2 weeks. And really I am not sure what I would be like today otherwise.

To all of you out there with an infant at home – my friendly reminded to you is You got this! And if there is any way possible you can sneak in a few extra minutes (or hours) of sleep you deserve it and you need it.

Yes, I am still exhausted, but at least I don’t think I am going to flip out.






One thought on “A little sleep goes a long way

  1. Fabulous!
    Enjoy every hour of sleep you can get!! You need it and will continue to need it!
    Sleep is essential for all, including little baby Grayson.
    Congrats everyone…sleep well. 😵😲😴💤💤💤💤


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