Love that dog

img_5812I had been told while pregnant that I may feel differently about my dog after having a baby join the family.

Everyone who said that was right!

I love that dog of ours even more!

Now I should probably say we have a strange dog. Anxious, shy, aloof – loving but with his own clear “don’t pet me too much” boundaries.

But he has changed.

This beautiful baby is his baby and his responsibility. He is eager to be near him. He wants to protect him. He wants to kiss his toes (as that is all he has permission to do). He comes to notify us when the baby is crying (as if  we can’t hear him) and paws at us if he thinks the baby needs something. He is our baby’s caregiver and he seems to have a purpose in his new role.

I couldn’t be happier. My dog was my best friend before our baby, but now he is even more.

I am so happy to have him here to help me during the day and keep us company.

So this is my thank you to Mugsy Dog for stepping up and being such a good big brother.