My name is Dagney. I am a new parent. I grew up in Toronto, Ontario in a large, blended family. I now live in Brampton, Ontario with my partner, Matthew, our dog, Mugsy, and the baby.

Prior to taking on this additional role of parent of an unborn / soon to be newborn, I work as a public school educator, child and adolescent counsellor and advocate for children and youth of all abilities.

I love to read, cook, send recipes to my closest friends via text, drink coffee (although I have taken a hiatus from this while pregnant), play hockey and watch detective shows. I should add that I often lose track of the plots of shows because I get distracted looking up books to read or new recipes to try making….and sometimes fall asleep.

Right now Matthew and I are reading Pax, next up will be Britt-Marie Was Here. I just finished reading A House Without Windows, and I am now reading An Army of Problem Solvers. The latest recipes I have searched up and made included chia jam, high protein pancakes and chicken noodle soup. I can’t lie, they were delicious and bland-enough to keep my 39week + pregnant self satisfied.

I feel very fortunate and excited to be experiencing pregnancy and look forward to the birth and beyond of my child. I can’t say I ever really imagined being pregnant or being a parent. And not for lack of want or belief in inevitability. Instead, the course of my life (so far) has led me to believe that some, if not most, life experiences – including carrying a baby and being a parent – are outside of my ability to plan and/or control. Now that parenthood is here, I believe I need to stay focused on the power of my mindset to influence my sense of being and responsiveness to what I experience and how I experience.