For me beginning my journey as a blogging parent, is in part an effort to set my mindset going into the world of having a newborn at home. I hope this will help me to maintain perspective and give me a chance to process some of what happens during the day-to-day. I also think that by blogging my journey I might find out some things about myself and those experiences I wouldn’t without the intentionality of documenting as I go.

As I mentioned in the Our worthwhile idea? post, my intention of this blog is not singular or fixed. I only hope it will help me to situate myself in the present as a new parent, honour the wonderings of Matthew and I, and extend myself outside the confines of my home to a broader community of people.

Community is a key component of why I have chosen to blog. Even if my followers are a limited few, or check in only periodically, that’s okay. I hope that putting my thoughts out there will serve to enhance my sense of community, and therefore help to ward off potential feelings of isolation and loneliness – experiences communicated to me by many new parents, many times. And something I believe I need to personally address, in order to try to set myself up for success. So I am intentionally being proactive.

After all, is it said that it takes a village to raise a child…so I better make sure to build one.

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