Classic Rock

After a pretty smooth day, this evening has been a little more challenging to get Grayson settled.

We ate, snuggled, changed multiple times, sang, paced, turned lights on and off, stood up, sat down, hat on, hat off…but ultimately it was the glider chair and the Classical radio station that did the trick. This time.

I know “classic rock” isn’t typically applied to nursery rockers and radio stations, but I bet I am not the only new parent that has had that gem combo work. I am crediting the point there, even if it was the longgggg string of efforts and likely him wearing himself out that eventually worked 😉

He’s sound asleep. Zzzz


Battle to Breastfeed

Today has been a tough day on the breastfeeding front.

Since our first appointment last week at the Breastfeeding Clinic (BFC), Grayson has steadily been breastfeeding (with a shield) during daytime feedings and it has been going well. Yesterday at BFC he even latched without a shield.

Today….he has other ideas.
Each time I have brought him to feed he has engaged for about 10-15 minutes in total – with burbs, snuggles and changes as efforts to try to re-engage him. Nope.

The outcome of the screaming, punching, kicking and general “nooooooo!” bring dished out by this little human is his bottle to finish eating. And he will happily take that. He eats it up and seems to be quite content. To date he has had no real problem switching between breast and bottle, but today has me worried.

Today’s battles to feed have been trying. I hope this stuggle resolves. Upset baby is hard. Upset baby and discouraged mom is double hard. But in trying to keep perspective, he is fed and he is healthy….either way. Keeping that at the forefront is key to keeping our spirits up.